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 What is a Search Engine?


Search Engine is defined as a program on the internet that searches for keywords in files and documents found on the World Wide Web. Some search engines are used for a single Internet site, such as a dedicated search engine for a Web site. Others search across many sites, using such agents as spiders to gather lists of available files and documents and store these lists in databases which users can search by keyword. Hierarchical search engines organize known sites in "trees" that the user browses in order to find a site that deals with a particular topic. India Search Engine is an example of hierarchical search engine. Free-form search engines typically present a form in which the user types words that specify the information sought.
    Types of Search Engine:
  • Pay Per Click Search Engines:Pay per performance search engines or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) describes search engines that allow website owners to pay for their rankings. They operate on an auction scheme. Your bid determines your ranking. Pay per performance search engines list results that are paid for by the advertiser.
  • Meta Search Engine:A Meta Search Engine is a website where you can run a single search and it searches all the major search engine's databases on the web and then gives you the best results on a single page. Ask Jeeves Metafind and Metasearch are examples of meta search engines
  • Regional Search Engine:A tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web regionally are known as regional search engines.For Example:A regional search engine of india carries out a search according to: Indian Cities , States of India and  Indian Union Territory
  • Specialized Search Engine:A program that searches collections of materials that relate to particular fields or subjects.They provide detailed or highly specific information about a subject area.While entering a keyword in Specialized Search Engine try using terminology that is common for the particular subject.
  • SEO Outsourcing: Outsourcing your projects from search engines, ppc to seo is popular in these days. Many SEO services firms based in UK and USA outsource seo work to India for better services with affordable prices as well top quality.

 What is a Web Directory?


A Web Directory is an Internet search tool that searches for information by subject categories. People create web directories, so they only include information that a real person inputs into them. If you have a very broad or generic search, it is better to start with a web directory rather then a search engine. Indian Web Directory is a popular web directory.It is a database of Web sites that have been classified into categories.

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